Traditional Balkan open jams in Ljubljana

I am proud to be a part of this year’s starting project by Jelena Soro (MM Contemporary Performance Berklee College of Music, Valencia) with attempt to produce Balkan version of “real book“; sheet music of the songs from widespread Balkan region. The project includes open jam sessions in various bars and clubs in Ljubljana (Slovenia), every time opening with musical program from specific part of the Balkan, this Saturday specifically from Greece. I participated on four events on a bass guitar and I hope we will extend the project in nearby cities/ countries.  As soon as the book will be finished I will let you know. Till then, check Jelena’s activity on FB.


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Komentirate prijavljeni s svojim računom. Odjava /  Spremeni )

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Komentirate prijavljeni s svojim Facebook računom. Odjava /  Spremeni )

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