… is my first band. Jure called me one day and presented himself as a coordinator of ambitious young band with great musicians involved, ready to conquer the world. I believed him and decided to join. We had rehearsals and few gigs in Primorska region and Ljubljana, then went to recording 4 songs to one friend’s place and then we’ve been waiting for mix for more than a year, which turned out to be too long in more ways. We all are still friends, three of us involved in music more than before, occasionally collaborate on different projects, and one moved with computer to the west.

Here is our work: Gasoline, Sense in Nonsense, Hometown, Recluse

I’ve learned more things from Hugh time: for ex.  driving 100 km every week to coast and back in car full of equipment to rehearsal is adventurous;  girls on the coast are beautiful;  never trust the Mix to a friend who’s enthusiast but doesn’t find a time …


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